IntoScience RSC – Chemical Reaction Challenge

IntoScience in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry present

3P Learning recently hosted a free online chemistry challenge during British Science Week, in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry. Running from 13-22 March and free for all schools, students participated in a multi-player chemistry quiz, competing live against other students and the clock.

THE EVENT HAS NOW FINISHED! If you are already registered and your looking for more science, head over to IntoScience. Don’t worry if you missed the challenge, you can still register for a free trial of IntoScience and get access to the science quiz game and 167 amazing science activities. Register now for your free school or class trial.

More Challenge Info

With a wide range of Key Stage 3 appropriate questions validated by the Royal Society of Chemistry, plus a set newly compiled by the Royal Society of Chemistry especially for the event, The Chemical Reaction Challenge aims to engage chemistry students in a fun, competitive event which assesses their knowledge and understanding of chemistry topics. Participating schools will be provided with a custom report analysing students’ strengths and weaknesses across chemistry areas of the English National Curriculum.

Winning schools*

2 iPads and a free 6 month full school subscription to IntoScience
A bonus 6 month full school subscription will be given to the school with the best participation

* The winning school will be the school with the highest average student score, which will be calculated from the average score of all students that have participated in the event from each school which takes part in the Challenge between the 13th and the 22nd of March 2015.

Winning students**

- 1st place: iPad
- 2nd place: iPad Mini 2
- 3rd place: iPad Mini

** The winning student will be the student with the highest points total at the end of the competition, only the first 50 games will count towards this points total.

Each of the top 3 winning students will also receive a free 6 month subscription to IntoScience for the whole of their school!

Participants can also take advantage of free, open access to 3P Learning’s IntoScience digital resource for the duration of British Science Week. Take a look at the IntoScience video to find out more.



This leaderboard is a guide only. Official results will be announced after all results are finalised. WE are currently verifying all results and official winners will be announced shortly.