IntoScience is running particularly slow – what can I do to help?

If you’re IntoScience is running a little slow, we do have the option to locally host the IntoScience content at no additional cost. Local hosting significantly reduces bandwidth and in turn will make for a much smoother running of the program.

What is local hosting?

Local hosting is where we allow customers to download a content bundle containing much of IntoSciences’ rich 3D graphical content. This graphical content can sit on a local webserver and when any student logs in IntoScience, our application checks to see if local content exists and deploys the content locally rather than pulling it from the internet.

Why is it important?

Local hosting is important because it allows a large portion of IntoScience to be served locally rather than going to the internet for the full application. This means it will significantly improve the applications performance and reduce loading times while reducing your schools bandwidth consumption. Overall, this improves the student learning experience and reduces connectivity concerns for teachers and staff.

Who should use local hosting?

Any School that connects to IntoScience via a browser on Windows or Mac computers can use local hosting. Local hosting is NOT required when schools are using iPads or if schools have chosen to download the full Windows or Mac application from our website.  (Note: Where schools are using Windows and Mac computers we recommend they download the web client only and implement local hosting as this ensures they are always on the latest version of IntoScience).

What does a school need for local hosting?

A school will require a Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012+) with IIS Installed. 2GB Ram+, 2Ghz+ processor with at least 5Gb Disk free. The local content can co-exist with most other applications and is not resource intensive. The server should also be accessible by all client machines on a TCP/IP network. Local hosting does require a manual update whenever we have a new release of IntoScience. We try and limit these updates to around 3 times per year.

Need support setting it up?